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who’s going to fix this mess ?

i’ve heard and read parts of what is being discussed in respect to the short term rental  “party house” phenomenon on the gold coast. please don’t allow the issues to be confused or combined into an overly complicated concern, it isn’t. i think a step back will reveal that the issues causing concerns to the neighbours of these properties is the behaviour of the tenants, i.e. a POLICE matter.

a few similar points:

  • the banning of smoking because so called criminals are loitering at S****rt – criminal acts are a POLICE matter, there are already laws to deal with criminal behaviour.
  • nightclub patrons behaving badly after leaving licensed premises, there are very strict laws for the responsible serving of alcohol and public drunkenness, again a POLICE matter.
  • similarly with local concerts, festivals etc – it’s THE POLICE who are responsible for policing the actions of the public outside an event.

if the police are under resourced to adequately respond to their duties – deal with that and discuss their funding with those responsible. by combining understandably major concerns and placing them into the lap of council, clouds what should be an accurate and sensible conclusion. certainly not changes to local laws, the role of council officers and/or unfair (indeed impossible) restrictions placed on landlords who promote their property at market rates.

it has to be very clear …..the complaints aren’t that the property is for rent, it’s the occupants behaviour that’s the issue….and who deals with the occupants behaviour, THE POLICE. indeed on a personal level if i have a party, play my drums or my music too loud , my neighbours don’t call council or the reiq, they call THE POLICE.

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