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Tag: school shooting

Young lovers looking backward

There wasn’t much that could be said. The date had reached its natural conclusion, it wasn’t as either thought it would be. The interrupted coitus spoke volumes about young lovers living at home. Not their home but their parents home. Both had very observant, keenly interfering, slightly prudish oldies and both had rebelled as young folks do every-where, every-time. 

Red Beards in the News

Lisa sat back and watched the bullshit that surrounded her. Such as neighbours that don’t know each other, mostly because they don’t want to. The need to do so had long gone. Like workmates that struggled to discuss anything other that the day’s events, due to a change in accepted workplace talking points. Or that they didn’t want to. After all the only thing they had in common, was a strong dislike of their boss. Only the level of dislike differed. 

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