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Space x 7

Moony was born in Australia, on Earth in 2113. in a time of peace and enjoying a lifestyle that was far better than the residents of the northern hemisphere areas described as Europe. in contrast, the asian economic parts of this planet were in a seriously chunky growth phase and bought up resources from places like australia, like there was no tomorrow. indeed there was a tomorrow and australia’s financial stability was riding on this limited resources boom. it sold all that it had and then slid into an odd decline, of course that didn’t happen until 2202.

All the cheap as chips manufactured goods snapped up by the rest of the world, were made by these asian countries and sold to the wealthier ones. the downside is that the purchasers of all this cheaper stuff ended up with no chance of a sustainable future. their future depended on the asian countries and the mess that Europe had become.

This in some small way, helped Moony become a pilot, and a polite one at that. he was raised in a main stream, often described as middle class environment, within a loving family in the beach side town of Port Lincoln. this warm, beach side location, was a summer all year round kind of a place ( due to global warning as it turned out ), and it offered no drama, other than that offered by the local government of the day. the federal government during this chaotic period dissolved parliament, being that the population was unable to vote in a majority. even after three attempts, it was a complete mess, giving oxygen to the rat bag single issues groups as they scrambled for their chance to dictate public policy. they failed thankfully.

Moony swanned about in Port Lincoln, carefree, heterosexual and bronzed with a tan that would make a dedicated dermatologist scream. He didn’t care, he had all the surf, beer, girls, job, and a great family, one man ( or women for that matter ) would want. no real issues that would make him think or care. he worked at selling homes in Port Lincoln and as such, met loads of new people, slept with some, drank with some and surfed with others. sometimes he managed all three with the same person. he grew up with two older sisters that pretty well left him alone, let him grow, taught him loads of sensible “modern thinking tolerance type ideals” and how to deal with life in general. Moony was a good learner when he bothered, it was just that he didn’t bother that much, until he got the phone call.

One of the last things the less than cohesive Federal Government did, at the behest of the angry small minded conservatives, was to create a compulsory military draft system and poor well tanned Moony’s number was pulled out this draft system. he was scooped up and sent to Alice Springs in the middle of australia to learn to fly and become a serious armed forces participant. this reluctant acceptance was an indicator of the way Moony would live his life.

He was rather good at this flying lark and learnt how to skate his way through the military machinations. he was seconded to the space program in his early twenties. just in time to catch the newly invented extremely long hibernation technology that allowed him to appear in 2140 on board the space palace. he awoke ready for action and like Kevin, he was ready for a rather large body waste evacuation. he also had a tbaoo post to write and a ship to meet.

The darkest and wettest part of the ship had a design about it that denied its real purpose. the featureless walls, floors and ceiling did not really welcome human entry, but it wasn’t designed for that. it was the secret place that Trevor had built. a back up in case of his own untimely demise. Trevor was after all an employee, a very important one yes, but still an employee. he had created a number of tRicky escape mechanisms that would ensure his continued existence. this slim chance of an eternal Trevor like life ( in some form or another ) had driven Trevor to deposit his genetic material in a number of safe, dark and wet places. this one, here on the the space palace in the stars, might just be the one that triggers itself into existence. no-one knew of this, except for the droid that was guarding the material and it was very tired, sitting there in the dark with its extremities rusting away in the damp.

The ship had no knowledge of this nursery or its guard. the ship had other things to worry about. Interestingly the ship didn’t really worry, but reacted while conducting itself in the most professional manner. this manner was polite, courteous and friendly. well, friendly enough when it could, dispatching humans and unwanted rubbish such as Kevin was only a small component of its protocol. learning how to understand human behaviour was well beyond it, so far.