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Some more seasons thoughts

Howdy dear reader, it’s hot, it’s sunny and humid and it feels far too warm in the house of tbaoo. This must mean its summer and supposedly the season to be jolly. Some more seasons thoughts are called for.

I struggle in such conditions and amaze myself while wondering why, each and every year. Well this year ain’t no different. Well, except for the following detail:

  • I’ve developed a renewed interest in tattoos, I might get my two updated – it has been more than 20 years since the last session.
  • I have sharpened my focus on politics, American, Australian, State and Local government in Queensland. This of course is due to my enormous outrage at the Queensland Government theatrics and the crushing of human and civil rights that seems to dominate the current Government’s application.
  • Tony Abbot and his assault on everything in Australia also features highly in my outrage. Say goodbye to the environment, social justice, protection for those that need it, relations with the rest of the world etc. A sadly deformed, a bent over lycra wearing, lip licking lizard man with no class. A man who walks with a stick up his arse ( if you see him walk you’ll understand ) who has dubious levels of honesty, compassion and sadly for Australia No Idea!
  • My bubbling thoughts of creating a reality show about my life and reality. It will focus on me watching tv, struggling to write anything, surfing the net, facebooking my backside off and smoking cigarettes. Going to get a cigarette is about my only exercise at the moment. This reality show will be packed with drama, conflict ( with myself ) and interaction with the less than sharp souls I deal with on a daily basis. Oh well, maybe walking the puppies is exercise as well.

Maybe move to Beverly Hills and open a tattoo parlour – Beverly Hills Ink. I’ll call you when I’m there, all I need is a shit load of money.

All the very best to you, your family and those that you care about for this season. Stay safe, stay entertained and stay sexy – bye for now.

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