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sane or insane

i hope dear reader that you realise tbaoo takes life and those who swim along side, very seriously. today two dramatically serious items have come to my attention. i mean how can i ignore this stranger than fiction goldmine of merriment?

item one … ( regarding photos of a man’s penis )

Penis pictures sent from stolen phones

Steve Butcher – September 8, 2010 ( brisbane times ) .. also found in number of indian newspaper sites ?

A serial burglar who photographed his penis with mobile phones he stole – and then sent the images to some of the owners’ friends – told police after his arrest he had been “off me head for a while”.

Shane Anthony Willis, 33, sent the photos via MMS to unsuspecting, innocent and horrified victims who included teenage girls.

The victim of one phone theft, a student at a Melbourne private school, was reported to his year 11 head teacher after the recipient, an angry friend, received an image.

Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday heard the student, 17, whose parents were contacted by the school, was further humiliated and embarrassed when he learnt others were sent the photo.

Willis pleaded guilty to more than 60 charges that included aggravated burglary, theft and using a carriage service to menace.

After Willis avoided arrest in February by jumping from a second-storey window, detectives found a large amount of stolen property in the North Fitzroy house.

In a police summary tendered in court by prosecutor Michael Robinson, investigators realised during a search of the house that Willis had taken photos of his penis inside the premises and sent the images to various contacts whose details were stored in the stolen phones.

The background of some of the images was of the premises, including curtains and a TV and, when Willis’s three-month crime spree ended last April with his arrest in Bendigo, he was asked to comment.

He replied: “Don’t know about that.

“I’ve been off me head for a while … so … on drugs, so I couldn’t tell you what I’ve done.

ok now dear reader, you steal a phone, take photos of your penis and send it to all the contacts in the phone, just think about that next time you open a photo attachment on your new iphone 4. at least you’ll know the photo will look good, be sharp ( as in focus ) and it may even be a wide angle shot, not macro. you have been warned !!

item two … ( a man who was supposed to be in court and his colourful website )

btw .. i’m not going to provide a link, but if you google the haig report, you’ll see that his colour palette is stretched to the max. in fact, the site may go down before you get to see it, so i’ve captured an image below ( i know you haven’t missed it ) to give you an idea.

Online harassment: man may be unfit to face court

Amelia Bentley – September 8, 2010 – 12:01PM ( brisbane times )

A Brisbane man accused of online harassment of Queensland public figures and organisations may not be fit to be tried by a criminal court, a magistrate has said.

Russell Gordon Haig Matthews is the alleged creator of website The Haig Report, which accuses churches, police and politicians of corruption and fraud.

It also claims to reveal a breakthrough in the Daniel Morcombe case, asks people to ‘‘Vote 1 Russell Matthews Senator for Queensland’’ and includes slogans such as: ‘‘Now you can fight back against public sector parasites and they can’t touch you.’’

The site asks viewers to make donations through bpay.

Mr Matthews, 60, faces four counts of using the internet to menace or harass.

One of the charges relates to him allegedly publishing the North Brisbane street address he claimed was the home of a District Court judge.

But the home was that of a woman by the same name as the judge.

A committal hearing involving four witnesses began in late June but on the third day of his case, Mr Matthews, who is representing himself, failed to turn up to court.

Citing a brain stem injury aggravated by ‘‘pressure’’ over the court case as well as mental health issues, Mr Matthews has since been communicating by email with the court regarding his case.

In Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning Magistrate Paul Kluck announced there had been no recent contact and Mr Matthews had ‘‘clammed up’’.

He questioned Commonwealth prosecutor Shane Hunter as to whether Mr Matthews was mentally fit to be tried by the court.

‘‘Quite clearly no normal person would be behaving like this, there is something wrong, that’s not normal behaviour,’’ he said.

Mr Hunter agreed correspondence should be sent by the court to Mr Matthews warning him a warrant for his arrest would be released if he did communicate with the court.

Mr Kluck said Mr Matthews had been warned in the past and ‘‘he takes that as intimidation and he goes off on another stream of abusive emails’’.

Mr Hunter said the office of Attorney-General Cameron Dick had also been receiving those emails.

Mr Kluck said if he was not satisfied of Mr Matthews’ fitness for trial he would order a stay on proceedings, which would postpone the matter indefinitely. The case has been adjourned to September 15.

of course this sort of twisted stupidity foreplay, sorry word play, is surely ( don’t call me shirley ) the realm of tbaoo. how dare this fraudster take the frivolity even further, oh that’s right he has been or will be found, unable to face his accusers due to his suitability to face trial ( maybe mental illness ) well yes i’m unfit, but not nearly that far.

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