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nothing to say

ok today is a test dear reader .. a blank page, nothing to say, what do i do.

how about this … this morning was uneventful as i awoke, scratched ( those bits that only a man can scratch ), actually that gives me a gag, why do women rub their eyes in the morning ? because they have no “things or bits” to scratch.

so i moved our car passed the evil on-call vehicle which is dominating our driveway. this was to allow my bride to go to work, while i started relaxing, relaxing as best you can when you’re on-call, the phone might ring at any time. well it hasn’t yet, which is why i’ve turned on the air conditioner, and i’m tapping away producing this inane nonsense.

the most “bestest thingy” about being at home on a saturday ( aside from being on call ) is that you have peace and you’re able to reflect on anything you wish, i reflect a lot, i’m that kind of guy. too much thinking and not enough doing that’s my problem. similar to this situation here .. i’m just typing, well banging the keys in a typing fashion, two fingers lost in space and probably 5 words per minute. i did a typing test once and did alright, i had to type “uiuyos7toto dyp p 27yp pq8py” and i did it pretty quick i’ll tell you.

so back to today .. i walked around to the local shops, the chemist where i bought loads of very expensive drugs ( i like drugs ) and the newsagent where i bought newspapers and lotto, this excitement is my saturday ritual, you can see that i lead a very mundane and somewhat boring life. today the shops were blessed with a “mobile tractor lawn mower machine device” driving in like a car, parking and then buying some goods from the local connivence store, as if this non vehicle visiting the shops was normal, it raised a few eyebrows. well of course the device didn’t, the hot sweaty and dare i say rather smelly guy did. whilst i’m talking about eyebrows, there was a woman scamming the chemist with all sorts of tales as to why she didn’t have her prescription and need even more drugs than i. i did have my prescription, she won out though, he gave her some and provided her with a “weak as p” warning, then off she went, soon to be glowing …

hold on alan, is this the best you can do for tbaoo, surely ( yes go on say it – don’t call me shirley ) there must be an issue in the world that has you rattled, upset, extra cynical and just plain pissed off… well there are many, but i can’t do justice to any of them. sometimes i wonder if i’m the alien or the rest of the world is alien.

these important things that matter:

the christchurch earthquake
america ??
sweden’s extradition order
world hunger
the worlds economy
wall street fraud, goldman sachs, and the all the other filthy rotten scum bags
alan jones’s tantrum & rudeness towards our prime minister, he thinks he’s pm – wanker.
justin bieber doing a pro active commercial
tea party success ?
sarah palin
glenn beck
fox news – it’s actually called fox bullshit !!!
yes the same old targets of my rage .. may they all burn in H… oops there is no such place.

this drivel is what happens when i have the dreaded writers block … nothing pours out, oh wait, maybe it’s like a rabbit on a spit, it turns until something happens, or something comes out.

here’s a video clip a song or a newspaper extract is my normal tactic ….

so dear reader today’s video is …

if you ever want to learn how to handle a guitar properly .. do this and you’re a winner.

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