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Category: Politics

a major in local politics

i have to start commenting on the actions and mumblings (read speech impediment) of the fictional local mayor (major) to be featured in a story i’m writing. His name will be con flarke and he’s hanging on to the seat of his pants, while holding on to reality with the remaining free hand. the fact that his pants are well past their wear by date doesn’t seem to phase him. over time i’ll post some classic details (made up of course) of his travels through space and time and how those who watch his actions become more and more frustrated.

who’s going to fix this mess ?

i’ve heard and read parts of what is being discussed in respect to the short term rental  “party house” phenomenon on the gold coast. please don’t allow the issues to be confused or combined into an overly complicated concern, it isn’t. i think a step back will reveal that the issues causing concerns to the neighbours of these properties is the behaviour of the tenants, i.e. a POLICE matter.

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