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Category: Politics

fan blooming tastic

it’s about time, it’s overdue and it’s a step in the right direction. admitting that you’ve changed your mind when you’re the leader of the free world is also a “fan blooming tastic” thing .. there’s hope for america after all, all we need to do is show americans that there is.

here’s an email to tbaoo from the main man himself, mr president – barack obama.

a blank screen needs a boris

here was a blank screen. it had a certain threatening aspect to it. it didn’t care, it just sat there looking at me and wondering whether i could defeat it. it normally wins, i mean there are loads of empty screens in my lovely imac. the imac itself is frightened of the empty screens, sure it bluffs it’s way around by looking crisp, very clean and colourful – but it knows it can’t win. never !!

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