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Category: Perspective

hiding my stories

hello. is there anybody in there ? just nod if you can hear me ? pink floyd fans will realise i’ve nicked that notion and questioning from “comfortably numb” which is a killer track on the uber great album, the wall. i can’t begin to tell you how freak’n good that album is, other than to say get it, put in on with your best headphones, grab a drink and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by anyone or anything, until you’ve absorbed the whole album in it’s entirety and in one session.  

a day off

a mind blowing realisation has hit me. the fact that i do nothing at all. i blog a lot, i read a lot, i speak a lot and i work. oh and of course i’m learning the bass. well i suppose that’s a few things. the best part about doing nothing, is that it is relaxing, the worst is that it does get a tad boring at times. my lovely old puppy dog bingo is sound asleep and snoring beside me, ( after having his breakfast ) and my bride is preparing herself to prepare me and organise my day. we have a day off together. it will be relaxing for sure.

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