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Category: News

ranting again sorry

there is something odd about modern life, just what the blazes that is .. is beyond me. i’ve tried to understand, i’ve given it my best shot, but alas it eludes me. the addiction i have to understanding, only makes things worse. i’ve covered this conundrum in other posts, but it seems to becoming more confusing, this round and round thinking is dizzying in it’s itself.

large and sad post

things are decidedly bad around here, i’ve just witnessed video of unbelievable animal cruelty smashed at an old harmless and severely chained uk circus elephant, watched the news about a stabbing here on the gold coast, and endured some more of that rubbish coronation street and that’s all before 19.00 hours. it is becoming very hard for me to rejoice in the world of blogging, when all i find is misery and despair.

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