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Category: Life

Swipe right

I thought I’d write a piece covering the prevalence of online dating. Although, i’m wondering if anyone actually reads any of my writings. Like all my silly nonsense, this presents some truth but also great big mobs of bullshit. This is an exaggerated account of diving into the impersonal, smart phone world of locating and attracting a mate. Not for the faint hearted I’ll tell you … it’s excruciating. The following is not aimed at seeking any attention or sympathy, other than maybe finding me another human to play with, share stuff, and listen to my crap while I listen intently to hers. Yes fellas, I require a woman. 

Pub Night

Well fuck me. I’ve done the work required, cleaned surfaces thought beyond cleaning, thought thoughts I shouldn’t have, but overall conducted myself in a modest respectful manner.

It was raining

It was raining. So much rain that the water seemed to be in a continuous transfer. You could almost see and feel it being sucked up into the air, whilst it’s cousins were dropping down upon you. As the wind moved these heavily rain clogged clouds to other folks further down the coast, the cycle continued. This water up and down cycle seemed to be directly aimed at the human communities below.

The sea saw nothing.

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