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Mupps Farm 2

Sally headed down to the smaller “meat hut” holding yard and as per normal, sang today’s favourite tune as she did. It revealed her own lack of any musicality while displaying her appreciation for others. Today’s tune was “Creep” by Radiohead and she belted it out full bore.

“I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo” she screeched out of tune.

“Well, that’s harsh” … suggested Charlie. He had just tied the calf to the holding rail in the clean concrete stock entrance and was walking into the boot room as Sally screamed on in.

“What the fuck am I doing here?” .. she continued. Sally was determined to wring any life out of the song she’d allocated to being today’s song status.

“Well lover, we’re about the butcher this calf and give Robert another lesson in handling a knife.”

Robert had wee’d as much as required, shaken his business, tucked himself back in and proceeded to wash his hands. He knew the importance of such actions, shaking, tucking and washing. He was becoming very good at everything he’d learnt and put his mind to. Today’s knife lesson was a highlight of another boring day at school.

“Fucking hippies, weed soaked numb-nuts” … thought Robert. His so-called peers at Mullimboy’s school were as stimulating as a bag of sand. “Wet sand at that” … said Robert to himself out-loud, adding weight to his deepest held opinion.

Robert was driven to school and back each day by Bill, a laid back ex Policeman who fell in love with a young lady he arrested some 10 years ago. Bill had been smitten, he left the Police and subsequently won a Lotto mega draw, a cool 10 million dollars. He married Cathy, bought some buses, two Hyundai people movers and set up an airport, charter company in Mullimboy. It was a tremendous success and Bill and Cathy were incredibly happy. Great house, great wardrobe, top shelf holidays, great business, great sex and when needed some very smooth – great drugs.

Bill thought he’d like Robert and his parents, although he didn’t know them other than a wave or a nod in town. Charlie or Sally didn’t drink in the Rose Hotel or eat at Martha’s Cafe. These two places were the major social locations for the town’s folk to mingle, well away from the drug trade and it’s tourist customers. Pensioner motorbike riders, young muppets trying to grow up too quickly, Mums experimenting with their girlfriends, undercover Police from Sydney, Real 1% clubs and holidaying football team types. All sorts of people ended up in the town’s other Pubs, Micheal’s Grill and The Fat Cow. That’s where the retail part of the business was conducted, the real business was conducted elsewhere.

Sally had finally run out of lyrics and was quietly waiting for a slippery smooch from her man. Wet lips, calm, cuddle and a squeeze. She was incredibly happy and so was Charlie. He and Anne had agreed that he had to move on, especially for Robert’s sake. Sally was very open to the so-called dark side of Charlie and Anne’s business. Sally was a close friend of Anne but she too was completely unaware of their predilection for murder and other very interesting things prior to the big reveal. In fact not only a taste for murder and other very interesting things but a very successful business satisfying that taste.

As fast as he could, while remembering his Dad’s advice, Robert dashed down to the “meat hut”, today’s lesson was to be more knife training. The killing was easy but hiding the method and confusing any investigation was more complicated. They practised on calves for each knife lesson. The resulting meat was portioned, packed as per normal and either hung or frozen depending on the stock-flow at the time. The Mupps Farm butchery in town was successful. The tourists, the drug crowd and the town folk all appreciated the organic principles applied at the farm. They all bought up big, fresh wholesome and well-priced meat would always hit the spot. Of course, there were many vegans, vegetarians and the confused that didn’t like dead animals being eaten but they left the meat eaters alone.

They did like Charlie and Sally, but that was for a very different reason.

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