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I must do something

I’m terribly anxious, afraid and saddened by the world sailing by my apartment widow. I stare out through the window, my computer and the TV. It’s fucking frightening what’s happening out there. You fuckers had better take care, sit up and take notice and absorb or better still wipe away the shit that’s flying about. Shit both moist, real and metaphorical. Don’t be oblivious to it though, even if the ignorance shortcut is easier.

I have decided to try and pull my head in, not really all the way in of course but just enough to remove my follicles from what can be best described as the daily moan. I really can’t be fucking bothered anymore. Shit’s going down, with loads of nothing circulating about as well.

The world has broken itself free from the axis of normal and tilted towards the axis of what the fuck. Not evil so much, as just confused. The chest beating, hair teasing, fake tanning fuck-tards of all persuasion wobbling about the place pretending that they have the vaguest idea of what’s going on and what to do about it.

Numb-nuts Trump frightens the fuck out of the world and it seems that the collection of handless muppet puppets pretending to run against him couldn’t squeeze out a fart in their bath, even after a healthy serving of Chinese food. The front runner in the against team is that Joe Biden fucker who’s claim to fame is fondling those nearby in an inappropriate way and being so opportunistic over the years but that it’s all coming round to bite him on the arse. Of course he’s completely non-effectual, a nobody of the highest order. Well, aside from his touching people and not very fucking much else, he thinks the majority of voting Americans will vote for him, maybe he’s right if he’s the only Democrat left standing. Surely there’s someone in America that can run against Trump.

Anywho, what’s happening in the world of ? well a new theme and what seems to be a complete lack of new posts, this post excepted. I’m going to try and engage with the blank page and write some more of the silky smooth shit I’ve tried to write before. These links below will not only redirect your browser, but if you read where you land, your mind might also be redirected. There’s some weird thoughts and actions within this slumbering site. It’s been quite some time since it has soaked up any new material. I really hope to rectify this deficiency.

While I contemplate my writing and figure out where and how to restart, we can absorb the combination of warmth and cold offered by the master of dark inner thoughts such as grief, life and love with a beat – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.