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Category: Bloodbath

Bloodbath 1


The blood spots, streaks and ponded excess covered Peter’s face. His eyes tore out of this crimson mask with a piercing stare that would frighten any living soul unlucky enough to see them. There were none left to see. He’d finished, this particular session was over.

Peter had started this frenzied attack like any other. He’d prepared. He’d been well rehearsed and quite comfortable in carrying out this blitzkrieg on innocent human flesh. This was his third meticulous and truly vicious mass murder. Dismembering human flesh, removing internal organs and separating human parts so widely that their rightful place became blurred. Peter enjoyed this release of his inner feelings, the acts would suggest he possessed none, but deep down he felt pleasure in this rage and with each event sought even more.

Bloodbath 2

The Main Event

Norman sat waiting for 21.50. It was two minutes to go. He checked his weapon and the sly clean gun he had in his socks. Neither would get hot tonight. He’d be struck hard on entry and then find himself waking heavily bound in the middle of the restaurant. He was naked and his eyes hurt from the sweat and blood. 

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