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a funny old fellow

you may or may not be aware ( don’t matter either way really ) that i am a big bellied, aged, grumpy old bugger, with a full head of hair. the fact that i used to work at a national television network has nothing to do with this following story.


this is right clcked and copied from ..

A FORMER Humphrey B Bear was not such a funny old fellow when he assaulted a vice-principal in front of shocked students and parents.

Magistrate Rod Crisp said John Maclean would have to “grin and bear it” as he imposed a four-month good behaviour bond without conviction.

Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court heard Mr Maclean poked and pushed Glen Huntly Primary School assistant principal Bill Manuel in the chest and accused him of bullying his daughter, who was in grade 5 at the school.

Prosecutor Mark Stephens said Mr Maclean had assaulted Mr Manuel and yelled he was a “f . . .ing bully” as children and parents watched.

“There were numerous teachers, parents and students still in the school,” Sgt Stephens said.

Defence lawyer Joanne Finlay said her client played Humphrey B Bear, a popular TV character on Channel 9, from the late 1970s to the early ‘80s.

“That’s a factor about him,” Ms Finlay said.

“That puts a face on him.”

Mr Maclean was angry at being unmasked in court, hissing: “Don’t tell everyone that”.

Mr Maclean, 54, of Caulfield South, pleaded guilty to unlawful assault, behaving in an offensive manner in a public place, using indecent language in a public place and failing to answer bail.

Mr Crisp said Mr Maclean represented the “ugly face” of parenting.

“In all my time at primary school and secondary school I never saw a parent come along and do that,” he said.

Glen Huntly principal Libby Alessi declined to comment.

a funny old fellow is humphrey indeed !! as you may have guessed it’s a man ( sorry kids ) in a suit, who doesn’t say anything at all, he gestures about the place and shows surprise, glee and utter excitement, with his hands and arms, they always used to go over his mouth in sheer “this gives me the shits” joy .. a bit like me when i was younger and fitter, single and looking for love, if i thought i’d found it, it was usually when i was pissed and enable to speak anyway. who needs language when physical actions, such as horizontal pelvic thrusting were on the menu and that was just in the car trying to get home !! the taxi drivers didn’t like that part.

so while preparing this literary masterpiece, i wanted to research and believe me i tried, another australian children’s television character. i think that the tale i was going to tell might be an urban myth, and that my friend, means i can’t say it, think it, write or photograph it. but i can allude to it of course, the fair city i live in, ( ? ) had a person whose part time job was to entertain kids, the ( insert a range of harsh insults in your own language ) decided that entertaining kids wasn’t enough  so he ( insert more swearing and provide a medical diagnosis of adult behaviour far from favoured by the rest of the community ) found himself in court. now this reflects nought ( an english term meaning, nothing ) on the humphrey b bear situation, it just goes to show that when humans are involved – some very mixed up and some very strange shit happens.. humphrey says nothing for his entire career and then suddenly says fuck and he’s fucked, while this other character who remains unnamed, also had some very serious grief.

it could be said that both share some similarity, in that pants are questionable in both characters, humphrey does’t wear any and the other one was too fat, did not apparently have  an assigned gender and to this day ( i’m sorry ) i can’t remember whether it wore pants.

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