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Month: December 2014

William writes a boring post

William decided to look around him and document what he saw. The hum drum of a suburban existence. Same old shit that other people have. He’d thought of proclaiming “like normal people”, but he realised that wasn’t true, he was far from what was considered normal. He’d noticed that his surroundings had slowly overtaken his living space, so much that it was dictating his ability to negotiate the space he called home.

John is an internet star

Only two left but not for long. One had longer to go than the other. He was enduring his last moments alive. She could hold on, or at least she thought so. This brief glimmer of hope was shattered a bit when he died there sprawled out on her lap. Shrivelled, shaking, near frozen and frightened, he was the only one of the crew that she liked. Now he was gone. No one else. If she could only get a hold of the evil fucktard John who’d locked the crew in this freezer. Nancy had to hang on. Someone would come and save her. They must be trying, someone must care, hoped Nancy. No chance as it turned out.

Margaret and Ruth

The garden was alive. More alive than it had been for years. Greens, yellows, reds and browns all fighting for attention. Margaret sat in her window box seat and watched it move with the gentle rain driven breeze. The trees and flowers mingled with air that had travelled from elsewhere as it moved on to somewhere else. Birds were gathering food while the food was darting about like the leaves trying to escape. The garden was alive with life and death, but looked serine.

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