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Month: October 2014

A lack of understanding

I would like to be sparklingly happy. The gardens are growing, the neighbours are crowing and the world is bedding on down. The smartest, most wonderful idea just leapt into my head while scanning the world wide internet. Can i do something about it. It does seem that best thing for those less satisfied with their lot, is to relocate their lot, leave their lot, or stay within their lot and change it. 

Everything handed to him on a silver platter

Roger looked at this often spruced expression written on the page in front of him. “He had everything handed to him on a silver platter…” this could be the suggested story, offered to him this weekend. Maybe it should be the topic. It had been sent by a mysterious friend – teasing him about the perceived “fortunate” aspects of his life. Maybe it was a cocaine reference, but that was unlikely. The mysteriously wonderful friend hadn’t experienced drugs, other than those sold in liquid form, ( normally fermented in some way ) on prescription, or indeed when administered during child birth. 

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