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Month: September 2014

The weekend and thinking of nothing

Yes – another lazy weekend, just nothing, another way of saying “it was as boring as bat shit”. Nothing stirring at all, not in the hall, nothing saw no more. The nothing was looking at itself with a sad refrain. Nothing watched and allowed itself to sit. The nothing was worried that no-one cared. It didn’t need to worry, people were less likely to care for nothing, be a good for nothing. They’d try to be something. 

Red Beards in the News

Lisa sat back and watched the bullshit that surrounded her. Such as neighbours that don’t know each other, mostly because they don’t want to. The need to do so had long gone. Like workmates that struggled to discuss anything other that the day’s events, due to a change in accepted workplace talking points. Or that they didn’t want to. After all the only thing they had in common, was a strong dislike of their boss. Only the level of dislike differed. 

Debbie or Jill

Debbie had choices to make. Difficult life changing choices. Any action will have major ramifications. What to do? when to do it? and how may it flow from the turmoil of her twisted mind. Debbie was very twisted – troubled and completely unsure of her role in current events. 

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