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Month: March 2012

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Prizes (Announced April 15 2012)

needless to say would like at least one of these tremendous prizes.

now that’s not too much to ask for is it ? why not check out some of the competition.

First Place – $250 USD
Second Place – $150 USD
Third Place – $100 USD
Fourth Place – $75 USD
Fifth Place – $50 USD
Sixth Place – $25 USD

it was a conservative thrashing

well it’s done, it’s dusted and it’s a bloom’n whitewash. the conservatives have won so many seats in the queensland election that they are now so completely in control, they own the place. conservative voters might think that that’s a good thing, i’ll reserve my judgment until i see how they put themselves together, i.e their cabinet and the selection of ministers within that. their selection of local candidates is most interesting and may well provide a good laugh at least. something i’ll enjoy of course.

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