A terribly small number of people, namely one, asked how or where I get the ideas for my short stories. Well dear “interested” reader, I don’t really know. When the mood or weather conditions suit I’ll sit at the computer and open a blank page. The first words dictate what follows and the narrative just farts out. For some reason I’ve been unable to finish my longer stories, they’ve been left hanging waiting for my return. (I’ve posted Lincoln Point & Space an Adventure – the stories so far, see the menu above)

ajm crawford.com is an amalgamation site lovingly drafted from two previous sites tbaoo.com and my silly writing.  The style of tbaoo was deliberately lower case which explains why some content may remains in that format. SmashWords has published my outpourings and you can ensure my survival … here – My short stories & other things are basically fiction ( unless directly quoted ), some based on reasonably true events, while others emerge from my ludicrous imagination. I’m not a serial killer. If you have feedback, I’d love to hear it and hopefully learn from it. If you have criticism, I’ll learn from that too.

Here’s a sample of Lincoln Point, an unfinished masterpiece that has been hiding in the ebook versions. In fact Space an Adventure has been set free as well. It’s time to release both …

In what could only be described as a momentous stroke of luck, while I was on my way to drop off a couple of DVDs, a car ran through the red turn right arrow on a bullet like aim towards me and just missed wiping me out as I was walking along the footpath. Not because of his superior driving abilities, he had just ran a red light after all, or even my athletic prowess, I simply managed to jump or stumble, in a rather ungainly fashion, into the bushes. Another late fee averted and my demise narrowly avoided, me thinks.

Why this skinny drug crazed dickhead and his dozy looking girlfriend ran the red light I couldn’t tell you, but they did appear to be headed straight for me. His lard sized girl like companion nearly smashed her hooter into the windscreen when he came to a stop and she then proceeded to abuse the crap out of her genius associate driving the car, it couldn’t have been for upsetting her makeup, there isn’t enough available in the market place to improve her sour and well stretched puss.

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