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A lack of understanding


I would like to be sparklingly happy. The gardens are growing, the neighbours are crowing and the world is bedding on down. The smartest, most wonderful idea just leapt into my head while scanning the world wide internet. Can i do something about it. It does seem that best thing for those less satisfied with their lot, is to relocate their lot, leave their lot, or stay within their lot and change it.  (more…)

my goodness what is happening


before i list a few types of people i don’t care for at all, let me state the bleedlingly obvious. (more…)

america really needs help now


can someone please help me to understand america. i know i rant on about america a lot. it has a magical fantasy land attraction for me, a bit like avatar and i do lean towards the blue team. although not all of the blues are worthy, as with all politicians, i’ve noticed that some are just beyond support.  (more…)

fan blooming tastic


it’s about time, it’s overdue and it’s a step in the right direction. admitting that you’ve changed your mind when you’re the leader of the free world is also a “fan blooming tastic” thing .. there’s hope for america after all, all we need to do is show americans that there is.

here’s an email to tbaoo from the main man himself, mr president – barack obama. (more…)

you are so nuts so i have to leave


alrighty then – i wait. i sit here waiting, indeed i spend my whole freak’n life waiting. waiting for what, you ask – well i hope you do. i wait for my alien buddies to come and take me home. i’m sick and tired of putting up with you humans, you’re a bunch of weirdos, freaks and numb nuts. not all nuts of course, some nuts feel just fine. (more…)

a blank screen needs a boris


here was a blank screen. it had a certain threatening aspect to it. it didn’t care, it just sat there looking at me and wondering whether i could defeat it. it normally wins, i mean there are loads of empty screens in my lovely imac. the imac itself is frightened of the empty screens, sure it bluffs it’s way around by looking crisp, very clean and colourful – but it knows it can’t win. never !! (more…)

it was a conservative thrashing


well it’s done, it’s dusted and it’s a bloom’n whitewash. the conservatives have won so many seats in the queensland election that they are now so completely in control, they own the place. conservative voters might think that that’s a good thing, i’ll reserve my judgment until i see how they put themselves together, i.e their cabinet and the selection of ministers within that. their selection of local candidates is most interesting and may well provide a good laugh at least. something i’ll enjoy of course. (more…)

you have to vote for someone


it’s election time, in fact it’s election for the queensland state government next weekend and the local council election a few weeks or so beyond that, i’ll have more on the local later on. (more…)

political buffoonery


ok dear reader, a turning point may be on the cards. i have in the past i admit, engaged loudly, ranted, sprouted, pontificated, blustered and screamed my rage, amazement, annoyance and incredulity at politics and those buffoons who participate in such tomfoolery. i have found some pieces, stuff that had come my way and just thought i’d post them before i can’t. (more…)

a surfing video that will blow your mind


i have just sat here on my preordained backside watching and listening to today’s gold coast city council meeting – it is amazing to see this democracy at work. i could be my normal self and poke fun at the buffoonery, senility, odd behaviour and somewhat controlled excitement, but i won’t. it’s been a marathon session. the use of this technology places and then re-enforces the enormous power the community has in their hands. but gosh some of them are pretty dumb.  (more…)