The Doctor and Ralph

My balls hurt, that could be a wonderful start to the next story. The Doctor wanted to write about a realistic scenario and thought that Ralph’s life might be just that. Ralph’s latest outburst may be just the thing. He’s an ageing man that thinks he’ll survive without applying any care. Ralph was wrong of course. Continue reading “The Doctor and Ralph”

The Thing that Happened

An incredible thing had happened. It wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last. The thing that happened watched from its fourth eye on the left side. It was the one on the end of the slippery blueish stork that popped out when it thought that danger was afoot. Although it had no feet, it had a propulsion system built upon millions of years of what the Earth’s main occupants called Evolution. These occupants were on their last days, but they had no idea.  Continue reading “The Thing that Happened”

The Forborne Posturer

I’m going to change my ways. No more writing cynical, heavily filtered perceptions. No more judgmental nonsense. Wendy thought this would make a great inspirational poster, maybe even an adjustment to her own life, one that she should apply. The blog she ran was becoming bloated with such observations. The comments came less and less and the shares were her’s alone.  Continue reading “The Forborne Posturer”

Jerry has a Headache

Jerry has a bad headache. A very bad headache and he’s had one for what seemed to be months on end. He takes drugs, legal drugs and still struggles to get through a day without needing more. So many things he thinks are causing this physical infirmity. The main one he thought would be the posture difficulties caused by his ever increasing tubby stance and slouching.  Continue reading “Jerry has a Headache”