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Safia ~ Counting Sheep


A truly wonderful Australian band deserving of your audience .. #Safia (more…)

the wall and some pests


i’ve been seriously distracted and as i keep banging on about, very active in my huge backyard. i’ve never been so freak’n active. sadly, well for me at least, this has reduced the fanatical and somewhat frenzied output from tbaoo. (more…)

i am trying to become a handyman


i’ve been busy and as i’ve said many a time before, i’m busy being busy. i’ve been out today buying some serious tools. so for those who are ready to laugh at me, or with me, i have purchased the following items. i did have some old hand me down rusty versions, incorrect size, as in never the right size for the job, broken and just plain old rubbish. so here we have the new tools:  (more…)

my life is meaningless


my life is meaningless. just who said that, it struck a chord with me and it wasn’t a g chord. again i sit here at the edge of sheer “skull crushing boredom” wondering what the blazes is in store for me. dynamic artistic endeavours, trying to write really articulate random, odd and way out weird fictional nonsense, or devote myself to the other and seemingly more popular rants, observations and lists. (more…)

i fink u freeky and i like you a lot


ok, this is the business – left of centre and very infectious, caution some of it might be a bit “rudie doodie”. the amazing south african rave-rap terrorists die antwoord, don’t tell, or show your mom. here’s the direct link – http://youtu.be/8Uee_mcxvrw   (more…)

time for music and the roots


a time, it’s a time for some music .. not much to say, but it’s time for the roots again .. chill !! (more…)

soundgarden and the big day out


wow, the past 12 months have flown by .. it’s big day out time again here on the gold coast and it’s the 20th year of this marvellously funky festival. to celebrate this exciting event and the fact i don’t seem to attend anymore, here’s two wonderfully melodious songs from one of the headliners … soundgarden, they were on the very first bdo and now the 20th. (more…)

faith no more in youtube tuesday


a rock n roll show from one of the world’s very best, a band with a show that changed my life, faith no more ..

youtube tuesday is adopted from a young fellow called josh from it’s tiger time, and is a day set aside for sharing your favourite video, that might be a mistake, but we’ll see how we go. (more…)

i would like to hide with you tube tuesday


australia’s king of lounge cool .. australia’s love rustler, the smartest best dressed chicken in town – live .. yes it’s you tube tuesday time. it’s dave graney “rock n roll is where i hide” (more…)

warning might offend you tube tuesday


yes dear reader, it’s slipknot. not your average tbaoo fare i know, but i do like this song and i think the video is ef’n amazing. i caught the singer getting a tattoo on “ny ink” to commemorate the recent death of the bass player and it reminded me of this wondrous piece of music and film making so .. youtube tuesday continues. this might offend the underage ( watch with parental guidance josh ) and some of those more attuned to christian rock or cheesy tunes, oh well it takes all types don’t it. i’m a different type. (more…)