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it’s been asked, how the hell do i select the material for tbaoo ? well often i leave the expected items, in the belief that others will do a better job, with more compassion, skill or even some journalistic good sense ( shit, you’re kidding ), so today i say, hang that. i live in queensland and many people, have been asking my bride and i, how are we getting on ? (more…)

northern territory news is great


UFO spotted in Darwin

DAVID WOOD – December 27th, 2010

A UFO said to look like a secret Area 51 government plane shown on YouTube was seen last week by a Darwin man. (more…)

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i can’t walk, my back feels like a team of asian back-walking masseuses have trampled the bejeeesus out of me and i’m laid up like an old man, hang on, i’m nearly an old man. it seems that the reason i don’t do much gardening, outdoor work, psychical exertion, is that my body doesn’t like it. i know what you’re thinking, if i did some it would, well i don’t and it doesn’t. my next plan of attack ( currently being actioned ) is to share some really good visual, computer, science, theft and corruption news that has come to my attention recently. i mean if i can’t even have the energy to read and type, what hope is there. (more…)