very well done queensland police

so dear reader it has come to this .. i’m very impressed and frightened by the fact that queensland police have decided to scare the pants off all of us with brains, or is that brians ? and announce that because it’s world zombie day, our existence is being tested. it’s actually a very clever use of social networking, and current everyday technology. most government departments or indeed politicians, have no freak’n clue of how to use such simple applications, but the queensland police have a firm grasp and are showing their might.

i have decided to bunker down and follow their advice, keep my brian and brain well clear of any impending danger. i’d suggest that you do as well, zombies are just a pain, a pain in the brain.

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

*disclaimer: World Zombie Day is a charity event, and there is no real risk of having your brains eaten. This is a test of our new QldAlert page*

Here at Queensland Police Media, we are working hard to make sure we are as ready as we can be, which is why we have created QldAlert, a one-stop avenue to find all the relevant online material and the latest information should disaster strike, or zombies attack.

On this page, we will collate everything we can find online that we think might be useful in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from, the worst that nature can throw at you. And it doesn’t come much worse than brains-hungry zombies, now, does it?

Depending on the incident, you will be able to use this page to find the latest information from your local council, Government departments and other groups such as power suppliers, public transport, and charities.

It will take the form of text, map-based information, video, twitter feeds and Facebook postings – anything we think will help you prepare, respond and recover from a disaster or incident.

Today is World Zombie Day, a charitable event developed to help feed the poor ( see more information on the linked website) and there have been reports of zombies roaming the streets around the world.

What better time to test out the page’s functionality and work with our partners in emergency response in Queensland on improving our service to you?

So, are you ready to withstand zombie attacks?

In case of emergency, use this page to plan your preparation activities, find out the latest information on zombie movements in your area, and keep up-to-date on police activities as our officers work to keep you safe.

Good luck, and thanks for visiting. We’ll see you here when a disaster really strikes!

i was very lucky, while attending that recent and most secret conference, to witness a presentation by deputy commissioner ross barnett, it’s the most attention i’ve given to a policeman in a long while, it was well worth it. this first video might require you to boost your audio level and is very real, while the following one less so !!


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dolphins are in charge

a somewhat unique event happen just a few days ago here in australia, i’ve waited until could get some special footage, but alas the main dolphin footage eludes me. a pod of dolphins took over the cordoned off zone while hunting for food and only when “they’d decided to move on” did the sinking of the hmas adelaide proceed. nature is wonderful ain’t it.  

you could think they were there to check out the new hunting grounds, as when the wreck settles and becomes a home for all sorts of sea creatures, the dolphins will be back .. saturday’s australian newspaper has a photo series of the wreck as it sits now and it’s become home to a few fish already .. it looks amazing. of course there are mixed emotions watching something like this, but it is dramatic.

DOLPHINS failed to stop the sinking of HMAS Adelaide

aap april 13, 2011 10.38

Thousands of people turned out to watch the scuttling of the retired navy ship off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast but a pod of dolphins that swan into the blast zone delayed the show by an hour and a half.

The frigate was due to be scuttled at 10.30am (AEST) to form an artificial reef.

A NSW Maritime spokesman said boats in the area worked to clear the dolphins and the Adelaide could not be sunk until all marine mammals were a safe distance away.

“They are chasing fish, mate,” the spokesman said. “They are moving in the right direction.”

Read more:

Navy frigate scuttled after dolphin delay

Updated Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:45pm AEST
The decommissioned warship HMAS Adelaide has finally been scuttled on the New South Wales central coast.

It was delayed by more than an hour after a pod of dolphins followed a school of baitfish into the exclusion zone and refused to leave in time for the 10.30am (AEST) deadline.

The dolphins were finally coaxed out of the way of the former frigate and it took about a minute for the ship to sink after being imploded.

The No Ship Action Group continued to voice its objection to the sinking, skywriting the world “SHAME” above Avoca Beach this morning.

A spokeswoman for the scuttling project, Sue Dengate, says protesters’ concerns about pollution are unwarranted.

“It’s time these people put their minds and their very concerted efforts on to something that’s far more valuable,” she said.

It is hoped to become a popular dive site and marine scientist Bill Gladstone said fish such as mackeral are likely to take up residence in the sunken hull in a matter of days.

Thousands of onlookers watched today’s scuttling, with warnings of road closures and lengthy traffic delays around Terrigal, Avoca and North Avoca…


and a local film makers perspective ..

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gorgeous georgia

news at hand .. pictures at 11 – an old gag that you “young” dear reader may not know..

I have no idea what the internet is – scavenging pensioner facing prison over cable cut

April 11, 2011 – 10:40AM – brisbane times

Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Zurab Gvenetadze said she had been charged with property destruction, which carries a sentence of up to three years in jail, but it was probable she would get a lighter sentence because of her age.

Shakarian, a Georgian of Armenian origin, told AFP that she was just a “poor old woman” who was not capable of committing such a crime.

“I did not cut this cable. Physically, I could not do it,” she said, repeatedly bursting into tears as she spoke.

Shakarian, who lives in the poverty-stricken Georgian village of Armazi, about 15 kilometres from the capital Tbilisi, said that she had only been collecting firewood. “I have no idea what the internet is,” she added.

The incident on March 28 provoked lengthy debates on global internet discussion forums after it was widely publicised last week.

About 800 people posted comments about the case on the Engadget technology website, some arguing that the authorities should show leniency because of Shakarian’s age and her impoverished situation.

The company that owns the fibre-optic cable, Georgian Railway Telecom, said that the damage was serious, causing 90 per cent of private and corporate internet users in neighbouring Armenia to lose access for nearly 12 hours while also hitting Georgian internet service providers.

But although Georgian Railway Telecom insists that the 600-kilometre cable has “robust protection”, this was not the first time that it has been damaged.

Many Georgians’ internet connections were also cut off briefly in 2009 by another scavenger who hacked into the cable while hunting for scrap metal to sell.

In Armenia, a spokeswoman for the country’s largest internet service-provider Armentel, Anush Begloyan, said: “The incident forces our company to think about diversifying our channels.” Her son, Sergo Shakarian, said: “My mother is innocent. She is crying all the time. She is so scared.”

The Georgian interior ministry said that, despite her claims to innocence, Shakarian had already confessed to cutting the cable.

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ranting again sorry

there is something odd about modern life, just what the blazes that is .. is beyond me. i’ve tried to understand, i’ve given it my best shot, but alas it eludes me. the addiction i have to understanding, only makes things worse. i’ve covered this conundrum in other posts, but it seems to becoming more confusing, this round and round thinking is dizzying in it’s itself.

i have come to realise that the occupants of this planet, or at least from the tiny, speck like bits of information i’m privy to, are turning in on themselves. the faith based fanaticism screwing supposedly “individual souls” into drones of others, with a far wider and sinister agenda, seems to be becoming mainstream.

i don’t really know why this is alarming me so, it’s everywhere, everyday but thankfully not everyone just yet  !!

so when i sit and relax over a weekend break and think, something i do too much, ( less thinking and more living is the answer i think ), i realise just how silly we are.

one tangible and most obvious ( at least to me ) aspect, is that within australia where i live, we are fast becoming a clone of american media ….. their newly acquired, well stolen actually, style is laced with:

  • ridiculously fast, overly colourful and noisy graphics, swiping about the place
  • depth of field ( slightly out of focus ) people or items of interest, in the background
  • supposed “live crosses” to nothing except a street where something happened 6 hours ago
  • “we care” nods and full time nodders behind politicians that have their shirt sleeves rolled up

shit, they are trying and succeeding to frighten the living “beejesues” out of the population while distracting this great unwashed from the real issues that they should be frightened about. i suggest that what they should be frightened about and do something about is:

  • discrimination
  • racism
  • lack of love ( in most cases complete hatred )
  • the environment
  • the disadvantaged
  • the corrupt
  • lack of fairness
  • complete lack of justice
  • lack of responsibility
  • fraud
  • lies
  • mis-directed faith
  • choice ( of all kinds )
  • obscenity
  • health
  • populist radio voices and television faces, denying science, facts or common decency
  • screaming buffoons that first create and then re-enforce a swell of general ignorance

ok, it’s time to relax now, just what was i thinking ?