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very well done queensland police


so dear reader it has come to this .. i’m very impressed and frightened by the fact that queensland police have decided to scare the pants off all of us with brains, or is that brians ? and announce that because it’s world zombie day, our existence is being tested. it’s actually a very clever use of social networking, and current everyday technology. most government departments or indeed politicians, have no freak’n clue of how to use such simple applications, but the queensland police have a firm grasp and are showing their might. (more…)

dolphins are in charge


a somewhat unique event happen just a few days ago here in australia, i’ve waited until could get some special footage, but alas the main dolphin footage eludes me. a pod of dolphins took over the cordoned off zone while hunting for food and only when “they’d decided to move on” did the sinking of the hmas adelaide proceed. nature is wonderful ain’t it.   (more…)

gorgeous georgia


news at hand .. pictures at 11 – an old gag that you “young” dear reader may not know.. (more…)

ranting again sorry


there is something odd about modern life, just what the blazes that is .. is beyond me. i’ve tried to understand, i’ve given it my best shot, but alas it eludes me. the addiction i have to understanding, only makes things worse. i’ve covered this conundrum in other posts, but it seems to becoming more confusing, this round and round thinking is dizzying in it’s itself. (more…)

large and sad post


things are decidedly bad around here, i’ve just witnessed video of unbelievable animal cruelty smashed at an old harmless and severely chained uk circus elephant, watched the news about a stabbing here on the gold coast, and endured some more of that rubbish coronation street and that’s all before 19.00 hours. it is becoming very hard for me to rejoice in the world of blogging, when all i find is misery and despair. (more…)

a word about testicles


it’s been a fun few days “on the on” that is on-call, i’ve not had much, but enough to keep me away from tbaoo and tonight’s the last night .. just as well as i have an enormous amount of thinking to do in response to the responses to my questionnaire .. here

teach this


it’s profound just how much time i spend at this dusty imac, too much time in fact. i love hurtling about the place catching up with friends, making new friends, while upsetting loads of people along the way. well today i have decided to share a news item that really has caught my attention, easily done, as i’m so easily distracted from my so called normal life. (more…)

tbaoo is sorry but this is funny


this is outrageous – i don’t mean to poke fun at those protesting in egypt, in fact i’ve deliberately left the entire issue alone. it’s so serious it’s beyond the ridiculous nature of tbaoo. but dear reader, this is rather silly, isn’t it ? (more…)

dopy man on dope


tbaoo does not in any way condone the use of non prescription drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs, nor does tbaoo condone the use of stupidity as an excuse in your defence. i’m sorry but this news item just can’t get past my silly filter. it’s set on high at the moment. (more…)

queensland floods


absolutely incredible .. there’s nothing much else to say, people have died, people have lost everything and many more are just hanging on. i’ve been reoccupied with watching and reading about this onslaught of rain, floods and subsequent damage. the country towns and now capital city brisbane, are being bombarded with swollen rivers and tsunami like waves of water rushing through their streets, creeks and rivers, in fact making rivers where there were none before. it’s causing grief for apparently 72 odd percent of the state of queensland. the ramifications of this natural disaster will be with us for many, many years. (more…)