how much fun is enough fun

ok i love google, i love youtube and i love apple. so that’s out of the way, here’s my gripe. i’ve been merrily posting top quality free range, funky, enlightening, sexy videos on tbaoo and basking in my cleverness, nowhere near inverness mind you and what do i find ?

no bugger in the key target markets for tbaoo and by that i mean the rest of world and not just australia, can see the freak’n things.

copyright is one thing, if i can see it and you dear foreigner, can see it, what can’t you see it on tbaoo when they’re presented in such a loving manner. well apparently it’s the copyright rules that seem to have been forced upon us all very recently. i’m shocked, what is the breach. who is responsible ?

the internet is global, google is global, well except for china, india, north korea etc – hang on, i see a trend forming here. maybe i’ll just have to post a link to the classy pictures and music i wish to share and hope that you’re not living in china, india, north korea etc.

btw .. if you are and i’ve spammed your non english speaking and rather odd comments, i’m sorry. it’s getting a bit hard to tell lately. if you wish to launder money though tbaoo please send an advance and i’ll check out your system, and spend the money on myself of course.

in conclusion … my family social fun has finished for now, thanks jimmy james and holly. the 24 hour blood pressure thingy has been returned, with the excessive results to be scrutinised and appropriate reaction provided. i suspect i’m moderate high with some very weird spikes during the 24 hours, and no it wasn’t from what you sex fiends might think. on a stranger note, the grass is becoming a “lawn” with my new lawn mower in use again today, it’s a lot better having great equipment.

the little blue pills, as some have suggested, might also assist in the equipment area and i have an contact in the sales department of a “firm” selling those forceful blue pills.

please click on this link and enjoy the meaty goodness that is provided by youtube. it’s the foo fighters in australia with some shit hot shots of the gold coast show, sadly i couldn’t attend but i hope a film comes out of the footage.








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