this is a silly blog

this post is a constant reminder to me and you dear reader, of the why, how and maybe some silly reward for becoming  the silly blog. the best silly blog, the silliest blog, with silly ideas and silly topics. it might not be shakespeare or hemingway, but hey it’s free and it’s distracting you from the serious parts of your life.

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11 killer ways to get more traffic

  1. pay to get more traffic.
  2. ask for more traffic.
  3. beg for more traffic.
  4. demand more traffic.
  5. write juicy copy and then enjoy more traffic.
  6. have tremendous photographs that encourage more traffic.
  7. take up smoking if it helps your nervous tension and calms you down.
  8. participate in online forums and facebook groups ( might all be the same but some really do work )
  9. tweet yourself silly.
  10. pinterest yourself until it hurts.
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today a tale of two days

a remarkable day has nearly finished, indeed two remarkable days. the first day was spent in the rarefied atmosphere of a queensland public trustee representative’s meeting, who was holding court in the centerlink office, right near the house of tbaoo. now if you’re keen senior or a carer of a senior – keen or not, you go to that office and sort out your affairs. my bride and i aren’t in that senior category just yet, but we needed the services offered by the public trustee. if you live in australia the government, via their state agencies provide some precise estate management, powers of attorney and will preparation.

of course the breakdown and distribution of the multi million dollar estate my bride and i have amassed will remain a secret, like my day job ( for now ) but when i retire the shit might really hit the fan, in a very public way.

no matter what category you might fall into, be it single, married, with dependents or without, i strongly recommend that you get your affairs in order. normally when i say that, it’s just before asking a sparklingly fresh young lady if she’d like to have an affair. not in this case though, it’s important, really importantly – important that you get your shit together.

shit can land and splat in any number of different ways, argument, dissent, litigation, retaliation or acceptance. it’s all going to depend on how you sort it out, if your wishes are followed, then whatever happens or indeed how those involved react, is entirely up to them.

today was a different story, i mentioned in this post about my then new orthotics, well today i had to take them in for a service. the edges at the heels had become a bit worn and were giving me gip when i was walking about in my “wearing far too fast” work-shoes. i failed to mention that yesterday i had bought a new pair of super comfy shoes for me and the bride. her’s were very smooth, as they had no toe protection in them. mine have big beefy protection for all big beefy situations.

well the orthotics were trimmed for my new work-shoes and the heel section supplied with an extra section of foam. so far all’s well and don’t they look good. the young man offered to trim the excess dead skin from my feet, so i sat there blissed out while having this procedure and watching a kids tv show about frogs, it was most relaxing and can i say, it’s something i might have to experience again.

pervy – no, relaxing and a proactive approach to my health – yes. i’m off now to try out my new work-shoes, my new orthotics and my “oh so very smooth” feet.

be engaged at blog engage

all’s well here at the house of tbaoo, i have found a resource that i must share. the sharing is not half the fun, it is the whole fun.

it’s a very successful venture designed to share, read, enjoy and earn sheer driving pleasure from your blog. if you don’t have a blog, may i suggest you get one and join in the fun. it’s fun, this fun business. i’ve started with the one off payment of $9.99 to see how it goes … i can recommend the service, ease and grins to be had by being involved  in such a thing. so much so that i’ve merged myself into the affiliate side of things as well – can you see the ad to the right and this one here ?

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

yes i’m spreading the word about tbaoo and loving it, the comments that’ll flow, the praise, the criticism and money will pour in by the bucket load. a referral to the mercedes dealership, ( c class i think ) is already being prepared.

well it’s official i’ve turned a corner and my mental health is on the level, a fair level of fatigue but on the level. to celebrate i present this rock’n tune to sooth the savage beast within, my beast not yours, as yours might be beyond soothing.  – just in case of those nasty copyright restrictions

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