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Change is good ~ Neighbour’s kids are not


My life is changing. I’m focused on photography. I’m also glancing about at other true relaxation. Don’t worry my passion for quality music, film and television has not wavered. I won’t be sure how much is going to change – but this change is changing me at so many levels.  (more…)

wonderful lover but rubbish pizza


Twas the night before Wednesday and it dawned on Frank that Tuesday was good for pizza. All the local shit shops who willingly dragged themselves into a franchise nightmare had been dramatically reducing the price of their wholesomeless fare.  (more…)

seasons thoughts


well dear reader – it’s hot, it’s sunny and humid and it feels far too warm in the house of tbaoo. this must mean it’s summer and supposedly the season to be jolly.  (more…)

my recent brush with the law


recently i was selected at random ( although this is the second time in 12 months ) to be in a pool of suitable jurors. i say suitable but at my second attempt i was challenged, i.e rejected. despite what they say, it was taken as a personal slight of sorts, but i’ve got over it. i mean who wouldn’t want me having a major part in deciding their freedom.  (more…)

tbaoo admires gay paris


it’s hot, damn hot and wet and that’s just inside the house of tbaoo. outside it’s a different story, it’s boring, in a been there done that and blasé kind of way. (more…)

asleep not dead


tbaoo is asleep at the moment and would really appreciate you keeping the noise down out there. i’ve had some distractions, other more normal and less wordy things to occupy my time and surprisingly i’ve enjoyed it. that said it will continue.  (more…)

hello there


well – here i am

i’ve been away and i’ve been busy. not really doing anything all that dramatic or life changing aside from changing parts of my life. you may have noticed dear reader that i’ve given tbaoo, my silly writing and other online things a big miss of late.  (more…)

wow look how long it’s been


wow, indeed. i’ve been away from the complicated tbaoo world and living in the intensely real one. i have so much active stuff underway it’s frantic. you may or may not be aware dear reader, but we lost our two old puppies a while back, well now we have two new members of the household – henry and hazel and aren’t they taking some careful management and time. the de-puppying of the house and garden has also taken a bit of time, hard work and an unnatural sweating. (more…)

bye bingo


i’ve had to move the large photo of old bingo boy from the front page.   (more…)

on call and spending even more money


what a fabulous day in the neighbourhood. i’m on call again, so that means i’m on call. i’ve had a number of calls and sadly i’m very distracted from tbaoo. as hinted at in previous posts dear reader, i’ve found that i have a backyard and i have things within it. the recent distraction was engaging a scottish man with a bobcat and a big scrapper thing. he was a master and reorganised the shity mess left by the patio slab construction and levelled the dust bowl into what i hope will be a far better place. it sure looks like one.  (more…)