thankfully someone has criticised tbaoo

ok it’s come to this. i have received criticism of tbaoo. this is well good and i hope i’m clever enough to react positively to such a positive response, whether it’s negative or positive, feedback is good. so what has triggered this criticism ? well it seem that tbaoo is hard to pigeon hole, figure out, navigate or even too darn hard to understand. i can’t believe it, well of course i’d say that i wrote it. Continue reading “thankfully someone has criticised tbaoo”

australia day is january 26 2012

it’s a bit early i know, but january 26 – australia day is here very soon and a traditional australian celebration is the eat lamb campaign with the ever so subtle sam kekovich.

below is as copied from youtube …

After years travelling the world on his one-man crusade against unAustralianism, Sam Kekovich has realised the job is too big for him and his dodgy knees alone. Old-fashioned diplambacy just isn’t cutting it in this day and age. So it’s time to change his tune and embrace popular culture. If UnAustralianism has gone viral, Sam’s only antidote is to do the same.


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