scarlet_Aterribly small number of people, namely one, asked how or where I get the ideas for my short stories. Well dear “interested” reader, I don’t really know. When the mood or weather conditions suit I’ll sit at the computer and open a blank page. The first words or two then dictate what follows and the narrative just farts out.

ajm is an amalgamation site lovingly drafted from tbaoo and my silly writing.  The style of tbaoo was deliberately lower case which will explain why some content remains in this format. Furthermore .. now that my first attempt / sample of my short stories has been formatted correctly and with the help of SmashWords, it has been distributed to those fine outlets that market ebooks … mine can be purchased ( or sampled ) for the uniquely wonderful price of “99 cents” … you can invest in the future of modern entertainment … here. 

Here’s a very brief sample, and you can see list of the most recent stories below: 

A tremendously small problem was bashing about in the boot …….

Any who – the small problem wouldn’t be quiet. It just bashed, crashed and smashed itself about. Dave wondered how he’d get it to stop. The problem was wondering how it would stop as well.

Dave was a mindless worker bee at the local transport department but he’d had enough of the mindless nature of his existence. He wore a snappy corporate outfit to work each day. He felt proud enough of his appearance to launch a number of different hairstyles so he could land on the best one. Nothing was too much trouble, but his budget was not enough to fulfil the “too much trouble” perspective. Today’s problem wasn’t his choice of haircut though, it was a much larger, real life and warmer problem. It was alive, or at least it was when it went in. more

If you’ve some feedback, I’d love to hear it, share it and hopefully learn from it, while if you have criticism, I’d love to learn from that too .. a huge cheery thanks in advance – alan.