A terribly small number of people, namely one, asked how or where I get the ideas for my short stories. Well dear “interested” reader, I don’t really know. When the mood or weather conditions suit I’ll sit at the computer and open a blank page. The first words dictate what follows and the narrative just farts out.

ajm crawford.com is an amalgamation site lovingly drafted from my previous sites “tbaoo” and “my silly writing”.  The style of “tbaoo” was deliberately lower case which explains why some content here remains in this format. Furthermore, now that the first attempt of my short stories is formatted correctly and with the help of SmashWords, it has been distributed to those fine outlets that market ebooks, mine can be purchased for the uniquely wonderful price of “99 cents”. You can invest in the future of modern entertainment … here

Here are two short excerpts – with “recent stories” on the right:

“Maybe I should just disappear into another part of the world and not be seen again.” .. “What do you think Helen? stave off any repercussions, run away, tactful retreat – I mean – just piss off and not come back, and hide from the Police”

Helen had listened to Roy before, each time it became obvious that he’d have to do something, stay, go or just shut the fuck up and wait to be caught.

As Roy thought .. he realised things were complicated. Helen knew that Roy was very complicated.

Poor old Roy had run over a work colleague in the carpark of the local shopping centre, the “K Shopping Centre”. It’s a recently renovated centre that had somehow squeezed 9 million people and their cars into spaces and areas large enough for 100 thousand people, this impossible feat ensured the “K Shopping Centre” was the most unpleasant experience one could endure. The only folk that endured such a nightmare were too stupid to drive 4 kilometres in either direction to two recently renovated shopping centres 50 times bigger, far better and more comfortable.

The deceased co-worker Roy had left for dead, was very dead. Roy had hit Mark by accident at first but when he realised what he’d done he reversed and smacked over, into and over and over again at the ever decreasing body of Mark. The body was a bloody mess squelching and bubbling in the hot concrete carpark, it was pooling into the dips the concrete crew had left there. The mess would never really come out despite the intense level of cleaning applied for days. Chemicals, blood sweat and tears, well yes metaphorical blood but it had no effect. more


An incredible thing had happened. It wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last. The thing that happened watched from its fourth eye on the left side. It was the one on the end of the slippery blueish stork that popped out when it thought that danger was afoot. Although it had no feet, it had a propulsion system built upon millions of years of what the Earth’s main occupants called Evolution. These occupants were on their last days, but they had no idea. 

The human race had been won. Humans won. They destroyed just about everything on the planet, the planet they called Earth. It was called Noshtfixher by the rest of the Galaxy and if something had survived it didn’t have long to go. The flora, fauna, the air, the water, the ground itself was in dire straights and groaned loudly at the virus-like excess of the human’s activity. The never-ending search for space, comfort, one-upmanship, sex, food, and pride. All of these things resulted in a smaller and smaller world for the humans to live in. They were two and half days away from having nothing at all. more

Note … the short stories and the other silly things are basically fiction ( unless directly quoted ) snippets have been based on reasonably true events while others dredged out of my dark and stormy imagination. For example, I’m not a psychopathic mass murdering serial killer. If you’ve feedback, I’d love to hear it and hopefully learn from it, while if you’ve criticism, I’d love to learn from that as well. Thanks. My Spotify tunes are here.